We believe in fair play.

Burnaby Braves Baseball

2019 Baseball Season

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Diamond League Minor
Baseball Association

BBA Fundraising initiatives to help build on our current player, team and league development.

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Health and Safety

Express that our commitment to player, coach and parent safety is a top priority.

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About Burnaby Baseball

This is where we add informaiotn on how to register before the link.

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Come out and be a part of

Burnaby Baseball
2019 Player Evaluations

The evaluation process are not try outs, they’re to help coaches and administrators ensure each player has the potential to have the best experiance playing baseball.

Help ease in new players and avoid discouraging others.

(coming soon) Player Evaluation Information

NEW to Baseball?

Come out and give it a try. You just need a glove and want to have a ton of fun. Baseball is a great sport to socialize with other players from your area. 

PLAYED Baseball before?

Welcome back! We can’t wait for the season to start as well. This year is going to be the best one yet!


Burnaby Braves
Check highlights from the 2018 season

Your Burnaby Baseball
2019 Catchment

Burnaby Baseball now includes all of the city of Burnaby.

Register.  It only takes a minute. 

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A little bit about us..

We’re commited to ensuring baseball is played.

Leauge Health and Safety

Safety is our main concern.

Player Development

Every year we work with trainers and coaches from accross Canada to help develope player skills.

Coach Development

BBA is commited to supporting our volunteer coaches through the highest level of training and development.

Our NEW Catchment

All of Burnbay!

Are you a BBA Ambassador? 

Do you embody what it takes to be a BBA Ambassador? Ask to find out more.

Photos. Player, Team and Event

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Tournament Information

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2019 Season Schedule

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       Community Focused

Don’t miss out on your chance to help one of Burnaby’s premier youth sports programs, and achieve exposure for your organization at the same time!

Team Fundraising

Teams are empowered to fundraise while promoting Burnaby Baseball.

Why do we need your help?

Every year BBA is tasked with purchasing new field and player equipment, uniforms and baseballs to name a few. Every penny counts!

Leauge Sponsorship

Businesses in the community looking to support Burnaby Baseball through corporate Sponsorship.

Next steps!

For more information please contact Martin Robson, Director of Marketing – martin@burnabybaseball.com

Our Featured Sponsor

From time to time BBA will have a featured sponsor. There will be a brief writeup on their involvment in the community and with the organization.

We’re excited to open this new chapter in Burnaby Baseball with you!

Burnaby Baseball Board

Burnaby Baseball will provide a healthy environment for the youth of our communities. Our focus is to encourage participation, develop character and discipline, promote teamwork, and community pride. We will strive to provide quality instruction in the development of baseball skills, sportsmanship, competitiveness and fair play. Burnaby Baseball is committed to enriching the lives of our youth and fostering a love of the game.

Randy D. Jaramillo


Michael Dorland

VP Operations

Markus Merkens

VP Player Development

Sonya Jeffries-Ellen


Wendy Ridley


Cheryl Healey

Board Member

Doug Anderson

Board Member

Christian Guibault

Board Member

Martin Robson

Board Member


Total Players


Total Teams


Volunteering Hours

Latest News On The Field

Check out our ever changing, ever so amazing leauge blog. Find the link below. Stay classy.

About Us..

CORE VALUES Sportsmanship Player Development Character Teamwork Positive Attitude. Listen to your coaches. Always play your best. You are tomorrow’s athletes. Be a good sport. Allow for mistakes. Learn from[…]

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November 14, 2018 0

Lost and Found

We have found a blue and black baseball glove. Left handed and has the initials AL in it. Please contact us via the website to find out more information.

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November 14, 2018 0

Player Registration Opens December 1st, 2018

Follow the player registration link for more information.

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November 14, 2018 1